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Book of the Month Book Box

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The Book of the Month Book Box celebrates new, intriguing and thoroughly satisfying books, chosen for their compelling narratives, unique characters and thought provoking concepts. Combine all this with a parcel of organic tea and decadent artisan chocolate and get ready to lose yourself in another world for a few hours.

May Book of the Month is The Beautiful Words by Vanessa McCausland.

Two best friends, one summer night, and twenty years of silence ... what happened at the lighthouse?

Sylvie is a lover of words and a collector of stories, only she has lost her own. She has no words for that night at the lighthouse when their lives changed forever. What happened to cleave her apart from her best friend and soulmate, Kase?

Sylvie yearns to rekindle their deep connection, so when Kase invites her to the wild Tasmanian coast to celebrate her 40th birthday, she accepts - despite the ghosts she must face.

As Sylvie struggles to find her feet among old friends, she bonds with local taxi boat driver Holden. But he is hiding from the world, too.

Through an inscription in an old book, Sylvie and Kase discover their mothers have a history, hidden from their daughters. As they unpick what took place before they were born, they're forced to face the cracks in their own friendship, and the question of whether it's ever okay to keep a secret to protect the person you love.

Vanessa McCausland's enthralling new novel is about betrayal and forgiveness, the stories we tell, and the healing power of words.