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Book of the Month Book Box

Book of the Month Book Box

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The Book of the Month Book Box celebrates new, intriguing and thoroughly satisfying books, chosen for their compelling narratives, unique characters and thought provoking concepts. Combine all this with a parcel of organic tea and decadent artisan chocolate and get ready to lose yourself in another world for a few hours.

This month's Book of the Month is the newest release from our own celebrated Aussie, Holly Ringland - The House that Joy Built. 

An uplifting, powerful and inspiring book about breaking through fear and finding joy through creativity, The House that Joy Built is about how to give ourselves permission to be creative.

It explores two big forces: the fear that can block our creativity, and the permission we can meet that fear with - to not just create, but to revel in the life-changing wonder and joy of doing so. It offers a jump-start for the nervous heart of anyone whose desire to create is overruled by fear.

It is a book for those people who yearn to write, as well as people who find their creativity elsewhere: gardeners, carpenters, sculptors, jewellery-makers, florists, songwriters, dancers, cooks, painters... anyone who wants to make something but doesn't because they're afraid. Afraid of feeling vulnerable, of criticism and judgement from others, of not being good enough, of not having enough, of having 'bad' ideas, of being too much.

It is for everyone who has ever felt stuck creatively, for those who don't know how to begin, for those who feel they have so much welling up inside and are just trying to find a way into themselves. This book is an openhearted clarion call to experience the joy and freedom of creating.

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