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Mindfulness Clay Gift Box

Mindfulness Clay Gift Box

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Mindfulness Clay Gift Package

Creating with clay is an ancient practice which many people are now learning has profound benefits for wellbeing and state of mind. 

Whether you’re sculpting, building or just playing, clay is a sensory delight and gives you an opportunity to both relax and discover.

This package makes starting your own journey with clay accessible and fun. The kit contains everything you need to start exploring the benefits and the pleasure of making things with your hands. 

The clay included in this kit is perfect for air-drying, and can then be painted with acrylic paint (not included). If you would like to make something to hold food or water it is also suitable for firing in a community kiln.

Included with the clay are a scraper and modelling tools, a how-to guide to get you started and a large calico bag for storage and use as a work surface. We also include a specially chosen affirmation card for gentle, positive guidance at the start of your clay journey.

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